Create Content For People, not for campaigns

From boring content campaign to unexpected one, there is us. Break your email vision & give your content something your subscribers have never seen before. Turn Boring & Segmented Emails to Unexpected & Relevant Content

Activate your content with data from any sources

Cope with siloed company data by bringing them from any source to create Unexpected Content that are always relevant and up-to-date at the moment of engagement.

  • Contextual data: weather, location, etc.
  • Live pricing and inventory, etc.
  • CRM sources, API, CSV, etc.

Automating on-demand content at the moment of opening

Forget content bottleneck in automating creative content experience without any coding.

  • Simplify on-demand content with a friendly drag-and-drop builder
  • Express your creative side by creating impressive & unique experiences

The future of email will be behavioral

Customers aren’t simple data points, they deserve the content that’s just like them. Leverage their browsing path to build known and unknown visitors profiles by using:

  • Recent behavior: viewed pages, abandoned product, browsed categories, etc.
  • Live Pollings collected data

Optimize in real-time your content performance

Our AI-based technology calculate and cater in real-time after sending the message. Our algorithms predict different contents at each open and analyse each recipient behavior in real-time to automatically identify the top-performing content and display it on the following openings to optimise engagement.


Make the most income from Unexpected Content

Find out the best of Unexpected Content & stop losing time and money in useless campaigns.

  • Follow in real-time essentials KPI’s with opens, clicks, conversions and revenues
  • Measure how your content influences your subscriber’s behavior with click to open rate
  • Iterate & optimize in real-time without technical resources

How it works

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No Email. Be Reelevant

Let marketers work on strategy instead of on generating complex campaign workflows


Increase revenue

Higher customer lifetime value.


Best customer experience

Make unexpected change email content.


Marketing efficiency

Spend less time deploying marketing campaigns.

It’s time to move on to individualization